Good conduct charter

Good conduct charter :

By using the website to send or carry a package from the collaborative sharing of a space , you agree to abide by Charter of Conduct collaborative sharing spaces baggage described below. The Charter is an obligation of all Members, and Members may directly enforce the terms of this Charter to each other

Trip packages :

Voyager (Carrier) guarantees not to publish on the website that the trips he really wants to perform . Members must provide each other all information related to the cost of transportation, the route ( point of delivery of the package and point of withdrawal of the package ) , types of accepted parcels , and generally any information about Logistics package , size and weight of the package and any other accepted preference.

All members must ensure that all information is accurate , and make sure they are in agreement with all the terms agreed between them. TakeItAbroad is not responsible for the accuracy of the information or agreed between the Member agreements.

Voyager guarantees that he will Ride to publish and for which reservations are recorded and agreed to travel with packages of any member of the site to which it is committed .

Security :

Please be attentive to the information you provide via the website or directly to other members. You will not know the identity of people you communicate with on the site. TakeItAbroad does not take steps to verify the identity of its members.

You should never provide financial information directly to Members.

We invite you , if necessary, immediately report any abuse or harassment TakeItAbroad by contacting us via . If you are not certain to have to report the abuse , then we recommend you to do anyway.

When Members agreed transport of a package TakeItAbroad recommends that They are in a crowded public area, such as public parking. TakeItAbroad recommended that Members have a cell and perform the verification procedure on the site phone. This is necessary for the proper performance of Transport of packages and reliability of data published on the site .

Members should consider the well- fodé the opportunity to prevent a close to nature and the type of package they wish to carry or transport including details on departure, arrival and the type of transportation borrow (plane, car, train, ... ) Members could consider d'envoyer an SMS to a close with the name and / or photo of the people with whom he shares his luggage space available , and ( as the Member is carrier or sender) the copy number or the room d'itentité of another member that he completes the transaction at the meeting point . Members must inform the other members if they plan to do that. Members should always check the contents of the packages as well as the identity of other members with whom they share their free luggage before taking the package space.

Members do not oppose objection, and will not be offended by the will of another Member to make to ensure its own security, particularly in the manner described above.

Transparence :

Members agree to provide any other Member information and documents that other Member may reasonably request in connection with a share of space baggage between them.

For the carrier, this information include (but are not limited to ) the identification document or passport card, airline ticket , train ticket or any credible evidence to the destination provided via the Site. Sender for the package, it includes égalment identity card or passport. in all cases , it may be asked members to prove their identity to other members (eg by providing a passport).

The identities of the Carrier and the Sender must match those provided by TakeItAbroad and that the Carrier and the Sender agreed . A Carrier or Sender may refuse to participate in a sharing of space baggage if the identity of the other member does not match the one announced .

TakeItAbroad also recalls that the Site shall not be used for commercial or business purposes .

Couts :

The Senders agree to contribute to the costs up to the amount agreed with the Carrier. Carrier warrants that the Contribution to Costs reflects a real contribution to its costs and the Transmission through transactions with other Members receives no benefit for the service provided .

punctuality :

All members agree to abide by and adhere to the times and places set for departure. Carrier and the Sender must arrive at the place and agreed to the appointment time . After a grace period of 30 minutes after the scheduled start, the person who failed to appear responsible for a cancellation and cancellation policy will then apply (please see Terms and Conditions) .

Rules and regulation :

The Carrier (Traveller) ensures that it will at all times in accordance with the code of assugéti transport using transport it uses to share his luggage available , including content restrictions allowed space.

The Sender specifically ensures that the contents of the package does not violate any provision of law .

All Members shall not wear or carry any substance, material or object that is illegal , dangerous or offensive.

Cleanliness :

Each Member shall ensure that it is clean and that the objects he carries on departure and during the trip , so as not to offend or annoy any other Member.

Comfort and Conditions :

Members must agree to the following terms before the Transportation and these conditions will form part of the agreement between them : the amount of the contribution to the cost , time of departure, the package type accepted , the dimensions of accepted parcels , weight packages accepted , the point of delivery of the package to be transported and withdrawal.

Information published on the site :

No user of the Site is authorized to publish defamatory, offensive , or may cause harm to others. TakeItAbroad remove any information contrary to these conditions since it will read it (but TakeItAbroad not actively monitor the site in search of such information ) . Travelers (Carrier) and Senders agree in advance that the opinions can be published on the Site. They also agree that their experience level is calculated and published in accordance with the criteria stipulated by TakeItAbroad .

Site users also agree to respect the charter of communication on the site , including their public exchanges, not trying to circumvent the workings of the website or by having no inappropriate behavior against other members Site .