Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service :

Terms & Conditions Site http://www.takeitabroad.com/ Service, collaborative sharing of space luggage or parcels of Transport.

I - The Terms of Service

I.1 Scope and Definitions :

These general conditions apply to services offered by http://www.takeitabroad.com/ sites.

Here in,

• Website means irrespective www.takeitabroad.com the site and more generally any website edited or co-edited by the owners of this site or any site with taking permission from the owners of this site published information on the above and offering similar services sites.
• Traveller or Carrier means the individual proposing the site to carry a package for a previously agreed amount of money, and for a route and schedule it has set.
• Sender means the individual who accepted the proposal to ship the package by the Carrier or Voyageur.
• Journey means a service operation for which the carrier agreed to transport a package for a fixed sum of money in advance for a ride and a defined schedule.
• Participation Fee: The amount of money requested by the Carrier (Traveller) and accepted by the Envyoeur to Ride as part of its participation in travel costs Voyageur.Cette participation should be strictly limited to the cost sharing travel and the Carrier shall in no event take any benefit from this. Otherwise, the carrier alone bear the risk of its unauthorized requalification through TakeiTAbroad delivery.
• Member means either the Envoyuer or the Carrier have accepted these Terms and Conditions and using the site as a Sender or carrier. Members are only makers of the realization of collaborative sharing service luggage spaces.
• User Account means the account to be created in order to become a member and access the services provided by the Website.
• Terms means these Terms and Conditions of Use, including the Charter of Conduct below.
• Service means any service rendered by a Member of the Site, provided that the owner of this site (TakeItaAbroad) is never a party to a contract of carriage.
• Ride with reservation means a Trip subject to the conditions of paragraph II.4 hereof.

I.2 Online acceptance of Terms of Use :

Use of the Site is subject to acceptance of these Terms. At the time of the creation of User Account, Members must click the box I accept the Terms and Conditions of the site and the proposed service.
Only the acceptance of these Terms allows Members to access the services provided by the Website. The acceptance of these Terms is whole and form an indivisible whole, and Members may choose to have applied to only a portion of the TOS or reservations. By accepting the Terms, including the Member accepts the Code of Fair Practice and Article VII of the TOS on Processing of personal data of users.
In case of breach of any of the obligations hereby TakeItAbroad reserves the right to delete User Account in question. This is especially so when a carrier is involved in a professional capacity.

I.3 Changing Terms & Conditions :

Take It Abroad reserves the right to change the Terms at any time, the features offered on the site or the rules of operation of the Service.
The change will take effect immediately upon the posting of the TOS that any user acknowledges having previously consulted.
When the change occurs after the payment by the Envoyuer of a sum of money corresponding to the Participation Fee, the change does not apply to the transaction.
TakeItAbroad specifically reserves the right to offer new services, free or paid on the Site.

II Use of Service

II.1 User Account :

To register and benefit from the proposed online TakeItAbroad service, each member must first create a user account by providing personal data concerning him, essential to the smooth running of the service of connecting people (including name, age, title, phone number and valid email address). Members certify be older than 18 at the time of registration.
TakeItAbroad shall under no circumstances be held liable for information that may be incorrect or fraudulent received from Members.
The Member agrees not to create or use other accounts as originally created, either under its own identity or that of third parties. Any exceptions to this rule must be an explicit request from the Member and expressly and specifically authorized TakeItAbroad. Failure to create or use new accounts under his own identity or that of third parties without having sought and obtained permission to TakeItAbroad may result in immediate suspension of the accounts of the Member and all associated services.

II.2 Use of the Service a non-professional and non-commercial :

Members undertake not to use the service for linking to a non-professional, non-commercial, people want to share luggage space or send parcels.
TakeItAbroad shall in no event be liable for any professional or commercial use for services provided by the Website.
May be considered as occupation any activity on the site which, by the nature of the trips, the frequency or the number of packages shipped, would result in a profit situation for the Carrier. Participation in the fee requested by the Transmission Provider Senders should in fact remain that participation in the costs of transport, and the Carrier shall in no case make a profit. Thus, the Carrier undertakes to perform the calculation of all its costs (d'avions ticket, ticket trains, cost of other means of transportation used, and if a personel vehicle is used, fuel, tolls, maintenance, repair, technical inspection, depreciation and insurance of the vehicle included) and to ensure that the amount requested its Senders makes him realize any profit.
Activity TakeItAbroad limited to linking people proposing the collaborative sharing of space in luggage of a journey between individuals as unprofessional, Carriers can not be regarded as carrying on business or freight transport. Www.takeitabroad.com the website is indeed a single platform, and at no time the company holding this site interferes journeys, packages transported, destinations, schedules. Carrier may not commit to ensure the obligations are those of a carrier or freight company Due and the Sender can not expect to run such services.
Any package transported must first be the subject of a prior agreement on www.takeitabroad.com site. Carrier and the Sender must travel to the appointed place.
TakeitAbroad reserves the right to disqualify without notice any Member who disregards these provisions in particular.

II.3 with Ride Reservation :

Take It Abroad offers Members a booking service which allows to reduce the risk of a last minute cancellation by a Sender of, or the failure to pay the transport thereof.
However, in no event shall TakeItAbroad not be engaged in particular because of the occurrence of any of these risks. The phrase with Transport Reservation entitle the Carrier to compensation in case of late cancellation of a luggage space within the limits specified below.
The phrase with Transport Booking also enables the Sender to ensure that the Participation Fees will be collected by the carrier when the delivery was successful.

II.3.2 Reservation and Booking Confirmation :

Carrier offers Rides on the site by specifying the start and finish, date and times. It also specifies the procedures for transportation of packages.
The Sender reserves one or more luggage space from the site by making a payment online exclusively through existing modes of payments on the site. Receipt of payment by TakeItAbroad constitutes confirmation of booking (hereinafter the Booking Confirmation). Past the Booking Confirmation, the Carrier and the Sender have irrevocably undertaken especially by the application of Financial Provisions below.
Carrier and the Sender are informed that the transaction is irrevocably concluded, by an email sent to the Sender confirming the reservation, and an email sent to the carrier informing the Reservation. Cancellations after this Booking Confirmation is governed by the terms set forth in Section Payment and fees for cancellations herein. Reservation is registered. Carrier as Envoyuer must match the identity communicated to TakeItAbroad. Carrier as the Sender are entitled to consider that the cancellation was due to one whose identity matches the one mentioned on the site.
Carrier is committed to the Senders to carry packages in the areas he proposed in Baggage Booking and he agreed to share with them the date, time and place agreed. It is also committed to providing the space in his luggage actually reserved by each Sender.

II.3.3 Payment and expenses in case of normal operation of the Journey :

Service Fees
  As part of the routes, TakeItAbroad fee service charge (hereinafter the Service Fee) on the Site. These costs are 20% VAT per package of reversing conveyor transport. The Service Fee will apply for each space available and offered for booking. The Service Fee will apply for each parcel can be acheminié by Carrier and offered on the Site.
Payment of Carrier
Case 1 or the payment is made to préable online utilsant system online payment available to Members by TakeItAbroad.
The Carrier shall have a period of 7 days (seven calendar days) to confirm expressly TakeitAbroad that the package was sent. At the end of that period, and in the absence of confirmation or challenge by the Sender, TakeItAbroad considers the confirmation by the Sender is implied.
From that express or tacit confirmation, Carrier has a credit due on his User Account. This credit represents the amount paid by the Sender less Service Charge. When the path is enabled by the Sender, the Carrier may give an instruction to be paid. TakeItAbroad transmits payment orders the first business day after the request is made ​​on site by the Member or otherwise automatically one month after the arrangement on his profile are concerned.
To this end, the Carrier shall provide TakeItAbroad banking information from his bank details and official details of PO, allowing the transfer to his account. This information is solely for information by the member on the My Profile page> My bank details» In no event TakeItAbroad not pay the amount due otherwise than by bank transfer, or PayPal account thereby excluding any payment in cash or check.
TakeItAbroad is in no way responsible or guarantor in respect of the transporter have defaulted if for any reason whatsoever, the amount paid by the Sender had to be repaid including duty in case of opposition map or fraudulent use. Carrier undertakes to restore to TakeItAbroad first demand any sum received questioning the fact of such a payment incident.
  2 Where the payment transaction is done directly between the Carrier and the Sender in the physical encounter.
In the event that the transaction is done directly paeiement between Carrier and the Carrier Sender must repay the montan to the TakeItAbroad through the PayPal account TakeItAbroad or through the bank account provided by TakeItAbroad.
Obligations of the Carrier
The current outcome hereof the Carrier's obligation:
• To arrive at the agreed time and place; failing or in case of cancellation, TakeItAbroad reserves the right to keep these cancellation in database profile and / or publish this information on its online profile and / or suspend access to the Site information the Carrier.
• Inform Passengers immediately of any change in Journey.
• If one or more Senders booked and the Transmission (Traveller) decides to change any condition of booking with Trip as originally given then the vehicle (Traveller) agrees to make contact as soon as possible with having Senders made a reservation on his Journey and obtain the agreement of the senders on this change. If a Sender refuses the change, then it is entitled to completely cancel their reservation without any cancellation fee it is not charged, and without any compensation to be paid to the Carrier.
• Wait for the Sender to the place of appointment up to 30 minutes beyond the appointed time (tolerance not releasing the Sender to be punctual).

II.3.4 Payment and fees for cancellations :

The cancellation by the carrier (Traveller) or posterior Sender to the Booking Confirmation is subject to the following provisions. If canceled due to the Carrier Sender is refunded the entire amount paid. If canceled due to the Sender:
• If the Sender canceled more than 24 hours before scheduled departure, a cancellation fee equal to the amount of the service fee paid upon registration of the booking is due to TakeItAbroad. Accordingly, the Sender will be refunded the amount paid minus the amount of the cancellation fee.
• If the Sender cancels less than 24 hours or 24 hours before scheduled departure: cancellation fee for the amount of the service fee paid upon registration of the booking is due to TakeItAbroad and sender receives a compensation of 50% of the repayment Carrier therefore, the sender will be refunded the balance is the amount paid less the amount of the cancellation fee, and restitution of the Carrier.
• If the Sender canceled after the scheduled time for the collection of the parcel or if it does not show up in place of rendezvous at the latest within 30 minutes after the appointed time: Carrier receives a compensation of 100% of the repayment Carrier and service charges are due to TakeItAbroad. Accordingly, the Sender will receive no refund. When you cancel before departure due to the Sender, the spaces or canceled (s) by the Sender are automatically delivered to the disposal of the other Senders can book online and therefore subject the terms hereof.

II.4 Management disputes between Members :

TakeItAbroad provides its members an online dispute resolution. This service is primarily intended to settle disputes concerning cancellation of reservations. The service litigation has no obligation of result to resolve disputes between its members. If no solution is found to the dispute between the Carrier to Sender TakeItAbroad reserves the right to retain the sums paid by the Sender to a mutual agreement between the Carrier and the Sender or a final court decision.

II.5 Certification Number :

To increase its capital trust, to avoid typos and outdated numbers, each member could be called to certify his mobile number.
To this end the Member receives information when the number on the site, an SMS with a code that must then learn about his profile on that page.
Only mobile numbers have the opportunity to be certified.
This service is free, except the cost of sending an SMS with the cost depends on the operator telephony Member.