Trust & Safety

There are three important ways in which we create the environment for a secure spedition network community. First, member identities are authentic. Second, the community self-moderates, using profiles and ratings to evaluate members and vet those that do not respect the TakeItAbroad. spirit of positive community collaboration. Third, TakeItAbroad has a dedicated Member Relations team, available every day to support users, so you always get the best experience out of TakeItAbroad.


The TakeItAbroad spedition network is driven by people, real people! That's why members use their real identities, and pseudonyms are not accepted, ensuring that people behave responsibly, under their real name (and real photo!): phone numbers and emails are both verified and we offer Facebook Connect so members can link their TakeItAbroad profile to their existing social network.


Trust is at the center of all communities, and TakeItAbroad is no exception. On TakeItAbroad, every time two members meet in real life they publicly rate each other, allowing the members to build up a trusted community reputation. This means that before you send a parcel via another member you can read their ratings and benefit from the experience of other members. If a member has been declared trustworthy by several people in the past, you can trust them too.


On TakeItAbroad, you get to choose your carrier. Parcel senders contact travelers of their choice, and in turn, travelers can quickly accept or decline requests. To help members decide, in addition to ratings, TakeItAbroad provides valuable information about each members recent activity and experience level. This means you will always be confident and comfortable planning a a free capacy share in your luggages.

Professional Moderation

TakeItAbroad has an international team that moderates all published content to ensure that member interaction is always respectful and responsible. All photos, comments and profiles are scrutinised to guarantee the trustworthiness of our community, and provide you with a reliable, high quality service.


TakeItAbroad needs your phone number to verify your identity and to send you notifications when you plan a luggage space share. But this doesn’t mean anyone will be calling you on it! Whether you prefer to receive emails or just don’t have time to take calls, enabling the Hidden Number Option means your number will NOT be shown to members on your profile. And thanks to our internal messaging service, you can talk to any member without ever disclosing your email address either. When a member writes to you, you’ll get a nice email from us, letting you know that you have a message available in your member space. It’s simple and all your details remain strictly confidential.

Member Relations Team

The Member Relations Team is available every day of the week to help our members get the best out of TakeItAbroad: a dedicated and friendly team that provides answers within 24 hours and can find a solution to everything!